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"Who's Got Your Kids?"

The Dangers of Worldly Music

"What Do You Do When Your Friends Hurt You?"

A poem that teaches the lessons of Matthew 18 :22 - How many times do we forgive?

"Which Loved Best?"

A poem that helps teach children the true test of love


A short true story

Mayn Yingele - "My Little One"

A touching Yiddish poem

Establishing Truth:


  • Angels
  • Tooth Fairy

Establishing Truth:

  • Ghosts / Goblins / Witches

Establishing Truth:

  • Santa Claus

Establishing Truth:

  • Easter Bunny


Lord willing, this will be an ever-growing source of ideas about bedtime and nap time traditions, strategies, and stories.

Things Mothers Say


Excuse This House


A poem about priorities

The Meanest Mother in the World

A Toddler's Property Laws - Explained

A great recipe for children from the Mary and Martha Cookbook

Christadelphian and Sister-Recommended books for Children

Thoughts of a Mother on her New-Born Son

 Discipline's Harvest

Upcoming Lord Willing

Behavior in Ecclesial Meetings

Upcoming Lord Willing

First - Do No Harm - TV and Children

Upcoming Lord Willing