Here is a poem written many years ago that my grandchildren enjoy.....we act it out.


 "What Do You Do When Your Friends Hurt You?"

Teaches the lessons of Matthew 18 :22 - How many times do we forgive?


What do you do

When your friends hurt you?

What do you say

On that awful day?

(Make frowns on your face, arms crossed and looking angry)

How do you act

When you're "stabbed in the back"?

Here's what to do.......

You say, ....... I LOVE YOU!

(Face changes....and you show compassion)

And you call on the name

That's always the same

And you ask HIM to give you

a heart to forgive them.

(Fold hands in prayer to God)

Then you go out again

Your face in a grin,

Give your friend a hug,

and your shoulder a shrug.

(Make grinning face, hug someone, shrug your shoulder)

And you do it

Again, and

Again, and




 -Submitted and written by:

Sis. Ann Crouse

North County Ecclesia

Paso Robles, California