Lord willing, this will be an ever-growing source of Sunday School craft ideas, and sources for books and supplies. If you have any craft ideas or helps for Sunday School please share them by e-mailing us below.

Christadelphian Sources Craft Ideas and Book Sources

Christadelphian Sources

Activity Book for Sunday School Teachers. The sisters from the Vancouver, B.C. Ecclesia are putting together an Activity Book for Sunday School Teachers. God willing, this activity book will include projects for every lesson, and the age equivalent for the project. They are hoping to gain some ideas from other sisters as well. If you have any ideas for this worthy project, please e-mail Sis. Jolene Budden.

Christadelphian Sunday School Union (U.K.): For fast and comprehensive information, click on the above link which will take you to their excellent web site.

The Christadelphian Sunday School Union:


Christadelphian Sunday School Association (Australia)

The CSSA produces excellent materials for all ages. Each age group has illustrated lessons books for five stages (one stage per year) that start in Genesis and continue through the entire Bible: Primary 5-8 (with activity sheets), Junior 9-10, Intermediate 13-14, and Senior, 15+. Kindergarten Notes with activity sheets are also available.

Whatever Sunday School materials you may use in your Ecclesia, the CSSA's Teacher's Handbook is an invaluable source of creative craft ideas. Each craft idea corresponds with each lesson presented in the student lesson books and includes all the needed artwork (good reproducible quality), lists of all needed supplies, thorough and easy to understand instructions, and even ideas for classroom demonstrations and visual aids that help emphasize the lesson. It also has clever ideas for "take home treats" to go along with each lesson/craft. This craft handbook would also be useful for home school or at-home craft time.

The CSSA also offers a wide range of other helpful materials, such as:

CSSA now has a very good website which is The CSSA website has an ideas section (which is headed "Helps for teachers"), with photos of things that teachers can make/use in teaching the children these important things. - Sis. Wendy Perry (Mt. Waverley Ecclesia, Melbourne, Australia)


Craft Books Coloring Books Activity Books

Lord willing, this will be an ever-growing source of craft books and ideas. If you have any Sunday School ideas we hope you will share them by e-mailing us below.

Acts Craft - When Sis. Rikke Clements' (Houston Ecclesia, Texas) primary class were studying Acts they made a card with this sweet poem on the front (written by Sis. Rikke):


When Jesus walked on earth amongst man,

He healed many faithful by the laying on of hands.

This gift we know we have not today,

But I pray my hands help in other ways.


Here are my hands I offer to you,

They may be small, but have works to do,

They are here, when a hand to hold you lack,

Or when you're in need of a kind caress, or pat on the back.


My hands may lack experience due to their youth,

Please pray they always work love in the Bonds of Truth.


On the inside of the card (which was on a colored piece of regular bond paper folded lengthwise) were the silver paint hand prints of one of the students. On the back of the card was a sweet hand-written note from the Sunday School student. The students presented their cards with a hug to the older members of the meeting. It's a sweet keepsake.


Circle of Friends - Sis. Isabel Luff, Houston Ecclesia, Texas. I wanted to share this wonderful program cover for our recent Sunday School Program. Sunday School teachers, Bro. Brett and Sis. Rikke Clements, took the picture and used it not only for the cover of the program but also made each student a t-shirt with this picture on the front and underneath the saying: "I have been blessed with a circle of friends!" This creative duo said they did it all on a computer.


What Animals Can Teach Us! - Sis. Ann Crouse, North County Ecclesia, Paso Robles, California

This was written in 1969 for Idllywild Bible School First and Second graders. We studied:

1. God's Wisdom in Creation

2. The Industrious Ant vs the Lazy Dog.

3. Friends of the Crocodile; the Praying Mantis, and the Chamelon to emphasize choosing friends.

4. The Lamb and the Dove vs Wolves for Building Character

5. God's Love like the Eagle and The Hen and Jesus' Sacrifice vs. The Careless Ostrich and Lazy Cowbird

6. God's Kingdom and the Animals

 We sang the following to a tune I wrote, but it can be used as a poem too:


 If you were an ANT,

You'd be sure to show

A lesson to all who'd see -

For without a ruler, overseer, or King

You're as busy as a bee!


Digging, tunneling, building a nest,

Where food is store ahead

Wouldn't it be wise if all on earth,

Learned to "store up" what God has said!


God's food is always available,

No one needs to lack.

The only excuse you might have

Is that you were plain too slack!


 If you were a CROC'

At anything you'd snap

It's so hard for you to see

Whether its food or sticks, and yet

You'd never snap at me!

(Bird that helps the Croc)


We are good friends, true as can be

We help and need each other

You furnish me with leeches to eat

They stick on your tongue, O what a bother!


It is so very important,

to pick friends that are good.

Kind friends, friends that are loving

Who help us love God like we should!



 If you were a LAMB,

A fleecy coat you'd wear,

A Shepherd would care for you.

You'd follow him to places of water and grass

Because..his voice you knew!


Wandering where little lambs shouldn't go,

You'd wish you'd stayed behind,

If only that wold would leave you alone,

Next time, you'd be sure to mind!


We should be meek as a lamb,

And harmless as a dove.

That is the kind of little child

God tells us that He will love!




If you were a HEN

You'd lay an egg and cluck.

A baby chick would soon be born.

You'd tell him to follow and get under your wing

HERE COMES A FIRE! you would warn!


Crackling, swiftly, the fire came near,

Under her wings chicks ran.

She saved the chicks from burning to death

Just as Jesus can save a man!


Jesus looked out on a city

And cried if they would hear,

"I'd gather you up like a hen does,

But you would not even come near"!


These are the lessons we learned

and we know that they are true.

So let us practise the lessons

As God wants us to!


Dinosaur Dough - Sis. Jolene Budden, Vancouver Ecclesia, B.C., Canada.

As a preschool teacher I have plenty of playdough recipes on hand, and we all know children absolutely adore playdough and it keeps them entertained for hours! This recipe is one that I picked up from my Mom, and it happens to be my favorite! The Kool-aid in this recipe gives it wonderful color.

2 Cups flour

1 Cup salt

4 tbsp cream of tarter

2 tbsp oil

2 Cups boiling water

2-3 packages unsweetened kool-aid

Mix all ingredients in order in a large bowl, and knead. Enjoy!!

I store this playdough in a ziplock bag in a cool place. It lasts for a few weeks, as all playdough does. Although this recipe is not meant to be edible like some playdough recipes, it is safe for children if they do happen to stick it in their mouths - it won't harm them!



(Not published by Christadelphians)

Most of the crafts in these books are very good, but you will have to overlook some crafts because of crosses, angel wings, etc. Most of these books can be purchased teacher supply stores and Bible book stores. Some are even available on the Internet at Using the ISBN numbers gets a quick result when searching for Internet sources. Many book stores can special order books if you are willing to wait for several weeks.

Christian Crafts from Egg Cartons, ISBN #0866535748, Book #SS1882, Shining Star Publications. Ages 4-10.


Christian Crafts from Construction Paper, ISBN #0866537074, Book #SS2843, Shining Star Publications. Ages 4-10.

Christian Crafts from Paper Plates, ISBN #0866534946, Book #SS1880, Shining Star Publications. Ages 4-10.


Pre-School Bible Crafts, ISBN #086653699X, Book #SS2829, Shining Star Publications. Ages 3-6.

An excellent book!

Bible Crafts on a Shoe String Budget, ISBN #0937282111. Grades 3 & 4. Rainbow Books.

Also available:

Favorite Bible Stories, ISBN #0937282146. Ages 2 & 3. Rainbow Books.

Favorites in the the Ages 2 & 3 book:

Preschool Christian Crafts, ISBN #1568223250, In Celebration, a division of Instructional Fair - TS Denison. Written by Linda Standke.

Craft Ideas Craft Books Coloring Books Activity Books



(Not published by Christadelphians)

  Quick as a Wink Bible Stories to Color, by Andy Rector, The Standard Publishing Company. Ages 4-8.

The Bible Story Coloring Book, by Veda Boyd Jones, Published by Barbour & Company, Inc. [e-mail: books<> ].

Big Bible Story Coloring Book, ISBN #086653-700-7, Book #SS2830, Shining Star Publications.

This is an excellent reproducible coloring book. The illustrations are great and each picture includes a Bible verse.

Craft Ideas Craft Books Coloring Books Activity Books



(Not published by Christadelphians)

The Toddlers Bible Sticker Book, ISBN #1564765288, by V. Gilbert Beers, Published by Victor Books. Ages 4-8.

The stickers are all press-apply.

Bible Animals, ISBN #0874035600, by Louise B. Wyly, The Standard Publishing Company.

The Toddlers Bible Paint With Water, ISBN #1564765296, by V. Gilbert Beers, published by Victor Books. Ages 4-8.

Landoll's Paint With Water, published by Landoll, Ashland, OH 44805.

Nelson's Super Book of Bible Activities for Kids, ISBN #0840796331, Thomas nelson Publishers (Nashville). Ages 4-11.

Activities include hidden pictures, dot-to-dot, crossword puzzles, word searches, etc. 155 puzzles with answer key in back.


Bible Codes and Messages, ISBN #0866534792, by William Schlegl, Shining Star Publication. Ages 8 to Adult.

This clever book uses various shapes to decode in to letters that make up memory verses.

Bible Crosswords, ISBN #0866533664, Book #SS881, by Linda Krein, Shining Star Publications. Ages 8 to Adult.

Bible Rebus Quotes, ISBN #0866535128, Book #SS890, by Sarah Daniel, Shining Star Publications.

Picture puzzles that make Bible verses.

Little Tot Dot-to-Dot, ISBN #0764700812, Catalog #GP-75020, Grace Publications. Ages 2-4.

Very easy ABC and 123 dot-to-dots.

Bible Dot-to-Dot Coloring Book, ISBN #0764700669, Catalog #GP-75001, Grace Publications. Ages 3-6.

Little Tot Bible Mazes, ISBN #0764700820, Catalog #GP-75021, Grace Publications. Ages 2-5.

Easy mazes.

Christadelphian Sources

Craft Ideas and Book Sources

Craft Ideas Craft Books Coloring Books Activity Books


If you have any craft ideas or helps for Sunday School please share them by e-mailing us below.