First of all, we thank Yahweh, who has given us Jesus Christ, the Truth in His Word, a lively hope, mercy, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, and all good gifts.

We thank the many brothers who have encouraged us and given their approval to this work.

We especially thank these brothers and acknowledge our submission to their guidance as is right in the Lord.

Bro. Mike Clements

(Houston Wilshire Ecclesia, Texas, U.S.A)

Bro. Nathan Clements

(Houston Wilshire Ecclesia, Texas, U.S.A)



We are thankful to the many Sisters who have contributed to and encouraged this work,

and especially thank the following helping hands who have supported me in compiling these encouragements to Sisters:

Sis. Tracy Boswell

(Houston Wilshire Ecclesia, Texas, U.S.A)

Sis. Angela Drake

(Westerly Ecclesia, Rhode Island, U.S.A)


The Christadelphian Sisters Home Page is compiled and maintained by:

Sis. Loanne Clements

(Houston Wilshire Ecclesia, Texas, U.S.A)

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We thank the following artists who have kindly shared the fruit of their talent in some of the graphics used in this web page: