I'm Sorry, Lord......

Today, I uttered a little murmur,

It was a whisper, it seemed so very small.

But, I fear my little uttered murmur,

Was heard by a birdie sitting on the wall!

Then the little birdie put my murmur

into his daily morning song,

And flew from treetop to treetop

Singing it loudly as he flew along.

I heard the little birdies sing it, as I went,

Now I feared it had traveled across the continent.

It had started very little, but now it had grown,

What horrible discontent, unthankfulness I had sown!

Forgive me Lord for "little" murmurs,

for complaints that spread so far........

Now I know, Lord that complaints and murmurs

can often make a scar.

They hurt us............our faith........and our heart

and cause our friends so dear........

to mutter and utter unkind remarks and such

And they bring us all disgrace, I fear.

Help me Lord to keep from uttering

murmurs and making complaints,

Forgive me when I fail you..........please,

For I so want to become your faithful saint.

Now when I hear the little birdies sing

I will carefully think of what I say,

I praise You for their cheerful singing

Each and Every Day!!!!


Phillipians 2:14 1 Peter 4:9

(compare with Jude 16)


 -Submitted and written by:

Sis. Ann Crouse

North County Ecclesia

Paso Robles, California, USA