Sister Margot Cuppett

West Michigan Ecclesia, Michigan, USA



I was preparing this dish for my family last night and thought it might be a good one for the Christadelphian Sisters Home Page. It is a great dish to prepare for a large group of young people. There just never seems to be enough in the pan and if there are any leftovers they disappear the next day. The best part is this is a simple recipe.



2 packages smoked sausage sliced in circles

1 lb. raw boneless chicken breast cubed

1 large chopped green pepper (I love pablano peppers, but regular is fine)

1 med. sweet onion coarsely chopped

1 12 oz. bottle of barbeque sauce (KC Masterpiece original is my favorite)

Tobasco to taste


Throw first four ingredients into a large hot skillet and brown until vegetables are nearly cooked. You may add a little water here and there during this process. Turn down heat and add barbecue sauce and Tobasco to taste. Simmer for 10 minutes. Serves 5-6


Favorite sides: corn on the cob and Caesar salad (pre packaged).