Ecclesias are the family of God

In it we all have a part

So let us conduct ourselves with great care

As we follow the pursuits of our hearts.

Each member is different

Let us understand

Some have great wealth

Others a small hand

Respect one another

And above all

Remember our Lord

And the strength of our call

Whatever we say

Whatever we do

May God's will be done

In all we pursue.

Put God first in your life

And things can go right

For then we are doing

What's right in His sight.

Seven things there are

That our Father doth hate

Are we guilty of these

While for His Kingdom we wait?

First, a proud look

And a lying tongue

A heart that causes

Wickedness to be done

Feet that to mischief

Are running swift

And without care

Causing a rift

Hands that are shedding

Innocent blood

And by false witness

Others smearing in mud

He that doth sow

Discord among brethren

Causes grief to all here

And our Father in heaven

May we never be guilty

Of any of these

And our Father and brethren

Should we aim to please

Our words and our actions

May they faultless be

And if we slip up

May our errors we see

The fruit of the spirit

Let us each day

In all that we do

Be sure to display

There's love, joy and peace

Long--suffering too

Gentleness, goodness

Meekness, temperance do.

And of course faith,

The basis of life

Without it we'd be

In really deep strife

Keep in our sight

The thought of the prize

And put aside

What's right in our eyes

Each day may we pray

"May Thy will be done

And may we be worthy

Into Thy Kingdom to come".



-Submitted and written by:

Sis. Sarah Tucker

Eastern Suburbs Ecclesia

Perth, Western Australia