Midsummer Night's Cheese

 Sis. Diamond Meihuber

San Diego County Ecclesia, California, USA

This recipe comes from my grandmother, who is Latvian, and it is one of my most cherished recipes.  This is something we eat as a snack at Grandma's house, especially during the summer, but I like this snack anytime! It can be an appetizer, after dinner or any-time snack. It may sound strange but you eat this cheese like a bread spread with butter (sprinkle with salt to taste) or jam. Do NOT, though, eat this cheese in a sandwich.

Try it, it's really good and satisfying.

You need:

1 gallon of milk (1-2% is okay)

1 quart of buttermilk

1 Tbs. caraway seeds (can find this in the health foods store)

4 lbs. dry curd cottage cheese (large lumpy kind)

6 eggs

1/2 cup butter

1 tsp. salt

and cheese cloth for straining


Thoroughly mix eggs and cottage cheese. Bring milk and caraway seeds to boil, then add cheese mixture and bring back up to boil again. Add buttermilk and continue to heat; stir until whey separates from the curds and the liquid turns a faint yellow color.

Dampen the cheese cloth, spread over a sieve or strainer in a large bowl. Pour in the cheese and drain the curds. Squeeze out as much liquid (whey) as possible (twist the cloth around the curds). Return the curds to saucepan, add butter and salt and mix well over low heat. Put mixture back into cheese cloth and squeeze out remaining liquid. Shape the cheese, while still in the cloth, into a flat wheel. Place it between two plates to hold the shape and to continue draining, place heavy weigh on top to help. Put all in refrigerator to drain overnight.

Serve a slice of the cheese with butter or jam.

Happy eating!

May we all soon join in feast together with our Lord!

Much love,

Sis. Diamond